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Sponsor Announcement: Instimatch Global - 2nd Edition Automation & Real-Time Treasury

We are delighted to welcome back Instimatch Global AG as returning sponsors at Connect Global Group's "2nd Edition Automation and Real Time Treasury" in London, 3-4 June 2020 #ConnectART

2nd Edition Automation & Real-Time Treasury Forum

Instimatch Global AG is a digital marketplace for trading cash deposits across multiple geographies, sectors, and currencies. Clients include banks, corporations, pension funds, asset managers, family offices, insurance companies and municipalities.

Banks need to accept the fundamental change to current liquidity management and funding landscape. In the world of instant payments, rise of challenger banks and treasurers benefiting from emerging technologies to manage assets in real-time, real-time treasury transformation should be adopted as a strategic step, a viable revenue generation opportunity rather that a compliance burden!

For more information about this forum email elena.ring@connectglobalgroup.com

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